Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Dedication To The People Around Me - About Me

I'm sorry.

I know I've never been the person you've wanted me to be. I know I can never live up to your expectations. Maybe life is too hard, maybe life is too complex, or maybe life would be better without its intricacies.

Whichever, I have let all of you down.

I have been selfish, no doubt. Always chasing after things I do not own. Not appreciating those that I already have. Relegating the most important ones to the backseat.

I have hurt so many people in the process. Disappointment reigning in my foolish wake, for the search of something immaterial.

I am so so sorry...

Maybe things were never meant to be, or that life has another hand dealt for me, for you, for them, for us. Maybe, maybe. But we can only wish.

I can only wish I haven't screwed up the lives of so many. I can only wish I wasn't such a burden, a defect... but wishes are only false faiths of those felled...

Time has honestly passed us by, seconds by minutes, hours to days, months, years. If things weren't meant to be, probably they never will, and I apologize for your time lost.

I'm sorry.

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