Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For this semester break, I was compelled to go for attachment, either in a hospital or in a retail pharmacy. I eventually gravitated towards a hospital placement, and got a place at ABC Hospital.

Basically the hospital pharmacy follows a simple hierarchy which is then broadly divided into three pharmaceutical departments: Inpatient, outpatient and retail. Each cohort is micromanaged by two to three senior pharmacists, each in change of a smattering of assistant pharmacists.

Just a simple rundown of what each division does:

Inpatient Pharmacy:

Contains the main drug store. Manages and provides daily drug supplies for patients staying at the hospital and also the ward stocks of various expendables.

Outpatient Pharmacy:

The most commonly pictured pharmacy in a hospital, whereby patients collect their medication and leave. Involved in receiving outpatient prescriptions, cross-checking drug usage and suitability, packaging, dispensing, and at times, counseling or advice.

Retail Pharmacy:

Sells common vitamins and supplements that do not fall under the category of controlled substances. Also stocks various other products from food to candy and diapers.

*All these descriptions are based on personal observation at a particular hospital and may not apply in all scenarios*

Basically, the main job of a pharmacist is to mediate and control the flow of drugs around the hospital. Every prescription or request for medication is heavily scrutinized, documented and labeled orderly, so that each pill or bottle is accounted for, and there can be no discrepancies between supply and demand.

Also, pharmacists play a huge role in maintaining drug store, both incoming and outgoing. Meetings are held between pharmacists and doctors to determine which strand of drug will be used for a particular condition, since many generic medications are available nowadays.

The outcome is that certain pharmacies may rely heavily on one particular brand of drug, while another will differ, but basically, both drugs contain similar active ingredients and have the same efficacy.

Essentially, pharmacists (especially the ones with the authority to make such decisions) are sitting ducks for brand marketing and product competition.

Henceforth, some pharmacists actually have a very wide scope of responsibilities, and are involved in major, decisive verdicts that may NOT rattle the foundations of a hospital corporation, but may induce subtle changes within its system dynamics; Which over time will prove to be very significant indeed.

Although doctors are the ones in charged of diagnosing the disease and prescribing medication, the execution of the prescription lies eventually in the pharmacist that dispenses the drug. It is through this second firewall whereby human errors and/or impaired judgment towards drug treatment methods are corrected.

Most senior, even junior, pharmacists have an extensive knowledge of pharmacokinetics and -dynamics. By scrolling through prescriptions, they have the ability to determine what illness the patient is suffering from, and based on the medical report, regulate what medication should be dispensed to the patient.

Sometimes, the prescription may carry drugs that are ineffective for the particular condition, or that various prescribed medication may interact and cause an adverse reaction if taken together. It is mostly up to the pharmacist to pinpoint and rectify such mistakes, while notifying and discussing with the physician in charge of that particular patient.

In lieu, patient quality care is ensured.

In conclusion, pharmacists are indispensable in their roles as health care providers and servicemen. Although not outwardly as 'glamorous' as a doctor, they are capital in the management of drug-based treatments, ensuring both patient safety and physician credibility.

Unquestionably, a pharmacist's role is not limited to those mentioned in this post. Many pharmacists by degree actually branch out into various fields and exert their comprehensive knowledge into a multitude of positive channels, for example drug design. Hence, the knowledge of drugs is not static and can be incorporated into many aspects of the industry.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Perils of Achieving Beauty

They say learning is a lifelong process. So is the quest for beauty.

The journey to sequestering and maintaining beauty is one that is dynamic, fluid, vague, cryptic. It is forever, it is boundless.

If there is one sin the human race has maimed and devoured, wholly and fully, it is Vanity, the insatiable thirst for Appolonian. Corruption has never been more eye-pleasing.

It is also on this very road that many souls wander off into the Great Beyond of Self-destruction, of Mutilation, and of Insanity. Many partake the adventure, few return unharmed.

Women, and men, today are subjected to a wide range of stimuli that assault every sensory aspect. We read about it, we hear about it; We see it, we feel it. The need to be beautiful. The need to look like perceived perfection.

Not one instance, can we ever walk into a beauty parlour, without every flaw and enlarged pore being scrutinized over; Until every inch of self-esteem is covered in bruises, with a free low-brow thrown in the package. And there we emerge, battered but determined, to embark on Jeopardy - Beauty Galore.

The notion of being beautiful is not entirely uncouth. However, do we come out of it better people?

Does it serve a higher purpose?

Or is it pure self-serving, a means to procreate; To lord over?

Taking a step back, wisdom must uphold the idea that appearances mean naught when true souls are bared. When everlasting is within reach, beauty holds no significance in that passage of time.

As always, beauty may be an effort to obtain, but it is fragile and short-lived.

It is superficial.

It is perishable.

It is selfish.

It does not hold up its worth, and always fall short at the end of its bargain.

Sigh... Attained beauty is a poor imitation of True beauty.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Driving Sense

Alex's sense of direction is almost non-existent, to the brink of fabled, categorized as fiction under the genre of fantasy.

So yes. I have absolutely no directional perspective AT ALL. NADA. ZILCH. NONE.

Sad as it seems, I get around by either: 1) Scent marking, or 2) Looking at the position of stars relative to the moon. In cases where neither work, my ailing memory picks up snippets of lifesaving memories that eventually guide me to home sweet home.

In spite of this obvious defect, I enjoy driving. It's soothing, and especially after a tiring day, screaming out songs in the car is rather therapeutic.

But that's NOT where this post is heading.

See, at times I volunteer to drive my friends around. To shop, eat or whatnot.

And at times, I get... how do you put it... SNIPPY. Which is unfortunate, and of course very unethical and impolite of me.

Well, not to offend anyone, I'll just put in some things that irk me, all in lieu of my bad sense of direction.

Usually when I drive people around, I have no idea how to get to our destination. So it's entirely up to the passengers to DIRECT ME.

NUMBER 1: Please make it clear where you want to go.



NUMBER 4: Print a MAP if otherwise.

Instead of preaching, lemme just exemplify:

Z: Let's go to ABC shopping centre.

Me: Okay, but you'll have to show me the way. I don't know how to go there.

Z: Sure.


Me: So which turning do I go into? Left or right?

Z: Errr....

Me: Reaching there already. Left or right?

Z: Hmmm... wait, let me think. Last time my mother used this road before, I've also been here a few times, but I can't remember which turning they took. Hold on ya...

Me: We're at the turning! Left or right?!

Z: Ok ok! Right right right!

Me: *Turns right*

Z: ...I think.... I'm not sure one you know


Z: So la, I told the girl, "Bitch, you ain't got nothing on me", and she was like 'Oh, honey, you wanna taste of these killer boobbs?!" And I was like bring it on, slut! And she said....

Me: Should we take the ramp up or down?

Z: So I pulled her hair, and tramped on her ugly shit face clothes...

Me: So, ramp up or down?

Z: I broke a nail wei! Damn bitch can fiiight! She tried to report me to the authoritie...


Z: Oh... just go up la. THEN I kicked her huge ass a threatened to post up her damn naked photos... blablablabla

Me: #@%#$!!!!


Me: Hey guys, what movie should we catch later?

Z: Oh, I don't mind XYZ, or maybe XXX.

Me: Oooooo, yeah! I heard XYZ is really good! Also wanted to watch that for quite awhile.

Z: Ya!! My gosh, it looks very nice. Did you see the trailer?

Me: Yes!!!!! The graphics are superb! I also like the storyline!

Z: Totally. Hopefully we can get tickets. Luckily today is a weekday, I don't think............. TURN LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Car swerves and ricochets just to make the sudden turning, narrowly missing a motorcyclist who slams his horn and gives us the finger. The car at the back brakes immediatly, nearly crashing into us.*

Z: SO yeah. I don't think there'll be anyone.

Me: $#@%$#!!!!!


Z: Can you fetch me to this place?

Me: Sure, you know how to go there?

Z: Yes. I printed out the directions.

Me: Okay, cool. Can I see the map?

Z: What map?

Me: The directions.

Z: Ooooooh, no map. It's in writing.

Me: What?! Then how am I gonna know how to go there??

Z: Relax, it's very clear. See, it says, step one go northwest towards Rara Road, then take the next roundabout into Muhmuh Road, all the time facing east. Since your destination is south bound, always keep to that particular orientation, before turning right.

Me: $##$@#$!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life's Question Unanswered

At times, I sit and wonder.
When I see you, when I hear from you, when I revisit my past.
I don't have much to say, I don't have much to complain.

If ever, I get a chance to speak to you, face to face, heart to heart, all I wanna ask is:

Why couldn't you love me, as much as you loved him?

Was I difficult? Was I unruly? Am I?
Did you for once, stared into my eyes, and saw an evil you feared to resonate with?
Did you see, that I couldn't possibly love someone, who didn't love me back?

Therein, lies the vicious cycle of grief.

When I look at your fragility, the brittleness of life, the nature of death; When I put my arms around you, and feel the bony spindle of sickness, wasting away like winter on an autumn's leaf; It hurts me more to place my heart close to yours, and know that it'll never beat for me.

That's all I want to ask you.
What would you say?

That's all I want to know.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alex's Monthly Rant: Screwed Up Employees

Just something I need to get off my chest.

Went out today just to window shop, so didn't bother wearing anything nice. IN FACT, I wore my high school T-shirt, with the school's name, logo and everything.

Was kinda thirsty, so I decided to buy a drink at YYY shop before heading home.

A guy was standing behind the counter, talking on the phone.

Now, the last time I checked, employees WORKING for an OUTLET, regardless of the product sold, should be SERVING the CUSTOMER, instead of YAPPING AWAY like some hot-headed bitch.

Well, I must have gotten the wrong memo.

This MAN was doing exactly that.

I would understand if, lets say, your great-great grandmother's aunt's son's daughter's husband's brother's friend, like, died in a freak accident involving two extremely hot waffles and some whipped cream. Other than that, I don't understand the urgency.

The only explanation I can give, is that his girlfriend probably dumped him because his prick was too small, and now he's on the phone with the National Agency of Prick Measurement to obtain validation that his 5cm long schlong is still a worthy applicant of the Girlfriend-Pleasing Wiener Department.

But I digress.

So there I stood, like a moron, just staring at him, while he yapped and chatted and did all kinds of crap on the phone.

He didn't bother to look at me, he didn't bother to acknowledge me.

I didn't hear any '...sudah mati?' or '... dalam hospital!' or '.... jangan tinggalkan saya!', so I'm guessing it wasn't an emergency.

Either way, there are various methods to handle the situation, of which I don't think I need to mention, because most of it is COMMON SENSE anyway, like say, asking the other person on the line to HOLD, and APOLOGIZING to ME because he has an EMERGENCY, and we can then both continue on with our lives.

See???? See???? Seee??????? It's NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, DIPSHIT!

Sometimes it's disappointing to know that people in the service industry LOOK DOWN upon YOUNG PEOPLE, especially those they think are still SCHOOL-GOING. They have such high regard for themselves that they feel privileged to NOT SERVE YOUNG CUSTOMERS, unless they came with MOMMY and DADDY.

Well, fuck you.

Remember dude, we young customers are gonna grow OLDER, and also remember, that we're the ones who will decide whether you FUCKING have a JOB in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

So think of that, before you pick up the phone, dial 1800-PRICK-MEASUREMENT, and start bitching away, while leaving your honest paying customer standing there like a fool.


Come Out of The Closet, Mr. Homophobe
  1. Fear or contempt for lesbians and gay men.
  2. Behavior based on such feelings.
Homophobe - a person who hates or fears homosexual people.

See: Bigot - A prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.

- The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Just some food for thought, since homophobes piss me off.

You know, they're the kind of people who can't take a joke. They're the discriminators who themselves are unsure about their sexuality, until they feel the need to dispel any notion of veering towards the 'forsaken appetite' with sometimes unnerving fury and scurrility.

Basically their insecurities cause them to lash out at people around them, REGARDLESS OF SEXUALITY.

Thus, the wrath of small-mindedness veers its cabaret feathered boa ensconced head in the innate nature of bigots.

Classifying homophobes as zealot chauvinist pigs is almost to the extent bearable and fairly accurate, since most of them can't differentiate dick from brain, and are sitting on what is left of their intelligence most of the time.

How sad.

A good tandem to go off into, is that their usually narrow views often spill out into their private and work lives. They may not be shrewd, cunning or particularly savvy in any form or matter. However, they can sniff out gay-labelled electrons emitted from male Chanel no. 5 fans, and proceed to disparage the unsuspecting victims with various mental and physical incarnations of hate.

Tsk tsk tsk. Assholes.

Living in their world of self-flattery, all they think is that every gay man in the world wants to get into their pants.

HELLO! Have you looked into a mirror, or at least got a glimpse of your reflection recently by any chance? The pig carcass you call your body isn't a turn-on for any subject of the human race for that matter. Even sows reject you, because you emit the odor of decomposition and rot.

By the way, everyone with working olfactory bulbs can smell the waves of hatred and general hypocrisy you emit in spurts of desire, which can both serve as a deterrent and a mating call for other shitheads like you.

No wonder these fucktards travel in herds.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black Beauty

For it was the day when loneliness seemed predestined
And despondency permeated the very air
When your boundless love
Managed to, for the first time, caress my hand

It was tender, wary, yet ensconced in an innocence
So deep, so filled with a self-aware humility
That broke my empty heart
And in it's place grew one that was whole, overbrimming with love
For You.

Friendship was too trifle a word,
Caring an understatement.
Love was what it extended beyond,
A transcendent bond like no other.

For no one could be as selfless as you.

You made me feel like I mattered, when the world turned its back to me.

A friend, more than that,
That's what you are.

For nothing can replace you ever,
For nothing can be made again,
In your likeness.

For anything made in your honour,
Pales dim in the radiance of your spirit.


For not being at your side,
For not sharing your suffering,
As you did mine.

I wonder if you cried, I wonder if you prayed
To take the pain away.
I wonder as you laid
Who were you thinking about?
What you would have said.

It tears me apart to know that,
I never got a chance to say goodbye.
To look into your eyes, one last time
And see that adoration, inside belie

Because if you noticed well, and I'm sure you do
You will realize,
That whatever love you've shown me
In my eyes, I express them too.

I hope it was painless and peaceful.
I hope you've reached a better place.

I LOVE YOU. So much. So so so so so much.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

All Hyped Up, But Kinda Let Down

Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with Lady Gaga's new music video 'Telephone' featuring Beyonce.

Like, seriously. Two entertainers of epic stage and performing proportions, with haystacks of awards tucked neatly under their diamond-encrusted belts, hit after hit after hit. Influential, industry powerhouses.

It's not just, so-and-so featuring never-heard-of-'im.

It's LADY GAGA featuring BEYONCE.

On a song.

Doing a music video.

Dancing together.

AWESOME does not begin to describe it.

However, I was let down. Not really crushed and devastated to the brink of no salvation. Just kinda... unpuffed... all the hype for nothing really much at all.

The video is around 9 minutes long, while the song is a typical 3 - 4 minute tune.So there was a bit of a storyline in the video, which goes like this:

Gaga was sent to this uber lesbian butch + gay guy (I dunno... the person she made out with looked like a guy, a gay one albeit) prison, whereby the female wardens look akin to wrestlers on steroids on steroids. She then takes a call from Beyonce, who then bails her out, and they go on their journey in the Pussy Wagon ala Kill Bill.

Peppered among these scenes are really cheesy and fake ( I dunno if it were the acting skills, or was the dialogue supposed to be so... bland) banters among the two leading ladies.

Some examples:

Lady Gaga gets into the wagon.

Beyonce: ' You've been a bad girl. A very very bad BAD girl, Gaga!'


In the wagon driving

Lady Gaga: 'Sure you wanna do this Honey B?'

Beyonce: 'What do mean am I sure?'

Lady Gaga: 'You know what they say. Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.'


Who EVER SAYS THAT???!!!! It's like the worst script I have ever heard!

Continuation, they then stop at this diner where Beyonce meets up with this black dude, who's really obnoxious. She then puts some poison into his coffee, and he starts coughing. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is cooking and dancing up a storm in the kitchen, and puts poison in all the food. After eating the contaminated edibles, all the diners in the diner (HUH?) die.

Some dancing.

Then they ride of into the sunset, hand in hand (LITERALLY. I hope Beyonce doesn't go lesbo...)

I hope this video was supposed to have some elements of comedy, because I was laughing through MOST of it.

PS. Good points in the next post.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Call all you want,

But there's no one home,

Cuz your not gonna reach



MARCH 11 (11: 30 PM)

*March 12 in Malaysia*

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Poem: Of Darstardly Beautiful Night Lights

I wanna traverse the lonely streets
Bathed in the illuminance of gold
As streetlamps flicker in my direction
And tell me I'm not alone

I wanna hobble down the cobbled path
Rhythmic footsteps the only sound
Enveloped in midnight blue
Embrace me
In your one-ring carousel

Maybe the sky whispers, words of pearls
Sentences of stars
Maybe the moon weeps, tears of silence,
Brought to me
On wispy gales of sleep

And as my feet grow tired, and my legs give way
Know this, that I'll always
Walk till I see the light of day

Saturday, March 6, 2010


You know who you are.

Everyone can rap, as can everyone who can speak, sing. It just depends how good you are at it.

The downside is, most rap songs suck. Even the so-called good ones. All you have to do is speak fast, maybe add some rhymes, and Voila! That's a rap!

And if you suck, you can probably call it your style.

Please. Some people are so full of themselves. Probably thinking, I'm the only fella in the world who can follow Jay Z's lyrics, or Kanye's verses, in all of their songs.

Ass. If another person were to do all those 'vocal trainings' you do, combined with the torturous effort of letting others suffer through it, THEY'LL probably turn out to be the next American Idol.

And there you are bragging.

What a douche.

Hey numbskull, ever wondered why most, if not all, successful chart-topping rap songs come with a catchy MELODIOUS TUNE-RICH CHORUS, ala Empire State of Mind, Run This Town and Do You Remember (Not pure rap, but with some elements in it)?

DUH. Who in their right frame of mind will sit and listen to an artiste mumble and grumble and tongue-slip their life for 4 minutes, maybe even 5? I'd rather listen to a self-help tape if I wanted to hear TALKING, and speed it up to hear RAPPING.

And ohyeah. Rappers write their own songs, and they create their own melodies. PLUS they sing it, and market it, and perform it. HENCE, Jay Z is JAY Z. Not you.

So please.

Inborn talent? More like lame ass hobby.

Get out of that big head of yours.

PS: You can't sing either. So just give up.
PPS: You can't channel talent by watching MTV all day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dealing With Stress 101

Stress is a very bad thing. Yes it is.

It comes up at the most harried of times, to nip you in the ass, and push you over the cliff of failure, laughing as you impale yourself amongst sharp pinnacles of despair, as you bleed out slowly, over time, until the clouds are stained red with evaporated blood.

Nope. Stress is not good AT ALL.

Now, people experience stress at all stages of their lives. It can be stress due to overeating, and gaining that few extra calories, thus turning you into a miniature land-going whale on steroids; or you could be suffering from study stress, whereby your brain capacity vastly under-ceeds the amount of information required to pass a certain exam, test, competition etc. in which case further overload may cause explosion, psychosis, erratic behavior, hair loss etc.

All of this may lead to DEATH.

No one likes to die young, or die, period. So listen to me. Haha.

Dealing with stress is very simple as long as you have the right tools. A proper mindset is obviously needed to overcome the pressing effects of, you said it, PRESSURE, brought about by, correct! , STRESS.

So how do you do it?

Many people come up to me and ask: Is it possible? Can I do it? Can it be stopped?

My answer is: yes, yes and YES!

Stress can be stopped!

Stress can be beaten!

Stress can be overcome!


Once you buy my book for $ 999.99.
Shipping and taxes not included.

Disclaimer: Stress-reducing does not guarantee happiness or lower suicide rates. Book does not come with any self-fulfillment whatsoever, and any melancholy obtained from reading the material is solely imaginary. The author is not held to blame for any behavioral, psychological or mood changes experienced. Inability to overcome stress after using the material means you are a complete and utter failure. Or that you can't read. Either way, you suck.