Saturday, February 20, 2010

White Horse

I just hope you know,

that everyone has a limit and a dateline
that the whole world doesn't lie in wait

for you.

I'm not a prince, and this ain't a fairytale,
I'm not the one you'll sweep off his feet,
Lead him up the stairwell.

This ain't Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer, before you went and let me down.

Now it's too late for you,
and your white horse

To come around

Ask me now

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines & CNY Combo II

Ahhhh!!!!!!!! Tomorrow's Valentine's Day!! Which means roses, and chocolate hearts, and pink fluffy caramel gumdrops!

*Not that it really matters to me anyway. Like seriously... who buys into the whole shenanigan? I mean professing your love through bouquets and chocolate dust-sprinkled truffles? Pffft! Puhleaze! I'd rather have the money. At least I'll get fat on cash.*

Ohmigosh... I'm so lonely.

Anyway, tomorrow is also the first day of Chinese New Year, which translates to lots and lots of ang pau!!!!! Cha-ching, babeh!! $$$$$$$$$$$$

PLUS, the food is nice, if not absolutely scrumptious. There'll always be a lavish banquet with freeflow alcohol and plenty of drunken chatter. Time to dish out the dirt, people!

Not to mention the gambling.

Now, I'm a really good boy. Like seriously angelic. Like, you could put plastic wings on me and I'd fit right in in heaven.

I don't gamble.

Not I DON'T GAMBLE, don't gamble. I just don't like to... lose money.... coz it breaks my heart... to see my $$ fly....

Given a stack of Monopoly cash, or a fat wad of 50 dollar bills... That's a different story altogether.

But I digress.

Already I can hear the fireworks flying. It's a celebration mood. Time to put my cantankerous spirit aside, and revel in newfound joy of CNY.

This may be the last time, until a long while later, till I celebrate CNY again in Malaysia.

Lets make this last, people!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day

Valentines Day happens to fall on the first day of Chinese New Year, thus overshadowing the celebration of chocolate-shaped pink hearts and cherubic cupids, with images of dancing odd-cloth lions and fiery red paper-packets stuffed with moolah.

Poor 'ol Mr. Valentine.

But I digress.

There can never be, and there never was, any significant semblance or wriggle room to actually successfully incorporate these two commercial festivals.

I mean, seriously. Chinese New Year --- Romance? Love? Mushy lovey dovey, baby waby carrotsticky honeybun?

Don't make me laugh till I bleed tears of irony.

Call me a cynic. I don't care.

Chinese New Year, like Christmas, has evolved for me into a morose blend of noise, loud colors, politicking and lots of bitchy yabbering. It's tiring. To flutter from one person's domain to another, listening to the same 'compliments', telling the same stories, regaling with the same high pitched fake laughter.

When will the DRAMA ever stop??!!

When will it be about FAMILY? When will it be about upholding tradition within the context of a peaceful community? When will it be GENUINE?

I abhor it...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alex's Monthly Rant

WARNING: Post may contain occasional sexual subtlety enmeshed with a web of foul words woven together by anger. If you are offended by such material, graphic or otherwise, I don't really give a shit.

What is a blog for?
  1. To type and publish online, one's weekly doings and feelings, i.e. Rant.
  2. To announce an event or certain functions, i.e. Official Rant
  3. To post pictures of yourself or of other people, or random stuff, and make comments, or better yet, DON'T, i.e. Photo Rant
  4. To seek attention, especially those LOAs, i.e. Attention Rant
  5. As an outlet for seldom used words, i.e. Psycho Rant

Now, lets begin today's rant in the format of Surat Tidak Rasmi - Kepada Sesiapa yang Tiada Kehidupan Lalu membaca Blog saya.

Menemui sahabatku Sonovabich,
yang kini berada di kalangan apungan awan.

Apa khabar? Sudah lama tidak mendengar berita daripada adinda, memang rindu.

Harap adinda ditetak kilat ketika sedang berfoya-foya dengan gumpalan awan yang menyerupai badan bentuk wanita.

Oh ya, hari itu, saya telah menghantar suatu 'message' kepada adinda melalui MukaBuku. Saya telah memuji adinda tentang betapa pandainya adinda kentut dengan busuk. Malah, saya juga menanya khabar adinda.

Namun, adinda, ibu bapa engkau memang tidak mengajar adinda tentang sesuatu bernama 'kesopanan'.

Bukan sahaja adinda tidak menanya khabar saya, malah adinda telah menjawab 'message' saya dengan satu perkataan sahaja, dan saya quote, "What..."

Memang baguslah! Kerana perkataan 'What...' itu memang pelbagai maksudnya!

'What...' boleh membawa maksud:
  • Apa khabar? Saya khabar baik, memang bagus mengenali kamu.
  • Kehidupan saya di sini memang bosan. Rindu betul kamu!
Boleh juga...
  • I don't give a shit. atau, saya tidak beri satu tahi.

Adinda memang pandai! Dapat menyirat bagai-bagai maksudnya dalam satu PATHETIC ASS SHIT perkataan.

Harap dapat mendengar lebih banyak LAME CRAP-THAT-NO-ONE-CARES dari adinda.

Jangan risau, adinda tidak dirindui banyak di sini. Kalau boleh, lebih baik adinda pergi terjun dalam perigi, kerana kalau hilang pun tiada orang akan pergi mencari.

Saya harap adinda tidak terlalu letih dan selalu berkesihatan baik. Namun, yang sebenarnya, saya tidak begitu peduli. Ingat, jangan membeban orang dengan kewujudan adinda!

Yang Benar dan selalu merinduimu,

(Phark Yorselve MuthaFuka)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Songs, Happy, Lively, Love, Life.

I'm in LOVE with this song!!! *Even though I have no idea what they're singing about*

It's so lively, and happy. Just makes you wanna get out of your chair and shake that ASS!!!

Oh yeah, I've kinda updated my MixPod thingy at the sidebar, so there are a few new songs there.
*I apologize profusely to those that had to listen to Dance in the Dark by Lady Gaga repeatedly. I know, I know, I'm kinda weird that way. Once I latch on to a song, it's gonna be in my playlist for months!*

A few noteworthy songs:

Ke$ha - Blah Blah Blah

Adam Lambert - Whaddya Want From Me

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight ****** See the five stars? It means high priority! Have a listen to it, it's really good! All in the sidebar>>>>>

Have fun! =D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Refuse To Sleep! Gimme Five Minutes! Fine, I'll Go To Bed Now!

I don't wanna sleep. Not yet anyway.

I feel like I haven't done a ton of stuff. There's a bunch of things I wanna do.

Go online and zone out. *Which I haven't, since I was so busy correcting some crap I wrote which I tried to pass off as a case presentation*

Chat with my ehem-ehem *Which I tried, but the bloody queen is not online*

Play my guitar and sing (Ah Beng style) laud-laud *The neighbours are thiiiisss close to filing a lawsuit against me*

Read a storybook *Impossible, since I have no time to do any of the above*

Flip through the newspaper *Refer 'Read a storybook'*

24 hours a day is a joke.