Sunday, November 29, 2009

30th November, A Day to SMILE!!!!

Someone told me I look fierce.

Just as I was thinking happy thoughts.

How ironic...

He said my face looked crossed between constipated and frozen in murderous intent.


So I'm gonna personally declare tomorrow as Alex Will Smile and (Try to) Not Show Constipated or Frozen Murdering Face Day.


Friday, November 27, 2009


Time was there, so I willed it away. At Subang Parade's MPH bookstore.

The store is pretty big, lots of books, quite comfortable, so decided to hang around and read. (Yes, I know, pretty cheap of me)

Was walking around, when I noticed this boy handling some packets of collectible football cards. Just turning the packet around, bending it slightly (I'm familiar with these gestures as I used to be an avid collector of Pokemon cards myself *NERD ALERT!* and I usually test the packet by bending it to see if there are any rare holo cards in it)

So, no harm there. BUT, something about his demeanor made me take notice. I don't know if it was his weird ass hair ( He's about 5-ish, I dunno. Terrible at guessing age. His hair was in a mock mohawk) or maybe some sort of psychic aura-detecting inborn ability, but I was paying attention to him.

Quietly, he slipped the product into his pocket.

Now, I didn't do anything. I don't know whether to call myself a coward, or whatever, but... I dunno... I couldn't.

Number 1: He was so young!!!

How can I do that to a young boy? Reporting him to any authority may cause him lots of embarrassment, lest disciplinary action.

I've been a small boy before, and let me tell you. Even a frown from a stranger can cause lots of tears and years of trauma and bed-wetting (Don't ask).

Don't even get me started on punishment meted out by the parents.

Number 2: I didn't want to cause a scene.

Little boys may be young, but they're not stupid. Any street smart child will be able to twist turn their way out of a sticky situation. Then his parents will be after my neck, not to mention the commotion if Mr and Mrs Shoplifter Senior decides to openly condemn me. I can just imagine:

"What ah? You calling my son a thief la now?"

"No.. I mean...I saw him take..."

"You saw, you saw, means is real meh? Got any witness anot?"

"The thing was found in his pocket..."

"So what? Ha? Maybe he accidentally le? You big ass boy, why always want to bully small kid? Very syok is it?"


" You see la everybody *Raises Voice* this young man ar, little kid also want to bully! Should be ashamed! Shame shame la you!"

Sigh.... feeling guilty now. Maybe I SHOULD have told him off.

Sorry MPH... =(

Wonders of the Night

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Light up the world beyond me,
Cloak them in your gaze,
As I wander the streets alone.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Illuminate the wispy breeze,
Let the cool air reflect,
The stillness that refuses to apparate.

Midnight moon,
Caress silver rooftops,
Smile upon my future path,
That leads me upon the road.

A journey of the night.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Perspective Through Lens of Minute Proportions.

This is a girl...

Living amongst the crowd...

Of a city...

In a country...

That spans the globe...

On planet Earth...

The third rock in the Solar System...

One of the many in the Milky Way...

Scattered widely across the Universe...

Which could be as big as this billiard ball.

Think about it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fat Cats Live in My Abs

I believe that deep within the sub-organ packages of my anatomy, lie busty felines ready to pounce.

Fat cats live in my abs.

THAT'S right. Cats in my abs. Fat ones, nonetheless.

'But that makes no sense, there's no logic to it!'
'Oh, it is medically impossible'
'You're just making up stupid titles to get people to read your lame ass blog!'
'Mine is a dog.'

Oooohh, I can just hear all your mocking, that perverse whiny little Humbug that pervades your sick mentality. It just raucously complains and whines and gripes within your cranium, and you're obliged to follow suit. Another cog in the SOB MACHINE.

Well, plug it sister. First of all, there is logic to it, since I'm hearing it meow in hunger RIGHT THIS MOMENT (And if you would kindly place your ear to my tummy, it may graciously set off a hair-raising shriek that will permanently damage your hearing and claw at your already unpalatable face).

AAAAND, I don't make up lame ass titles just so that people will READ my BLOG! *pffffttt!!* now where would you get that idea... haha... my titles are witty... haha... aren't they?.... hahahaha... haha.h..a...ha.... *darnnit!*

By the way, everyone KNOWS that dogs can't live in your stomach. So there. *Snickers* What a DUMBASS!

*roll eyes*

So, annoying grumpy old people aside, some fat ass cats live in my gut. They need to be fed constantly, and in large amounts too! (Since there are seven of them, each morbidly obese with their own individual characteristics.)

One is called
Miao, since that's about the only sound she makes, and she claws at my gut lining everytime she gets hungry (which is often, duh!). Her brother is Grrraaahhhh, since THAT'S the sound HE makes when his sister is hungry, which coincidentally makes him hungry too.

The other five are Grrrmmmp,
Slish Splash, Gurgle, Uhrrmm and GiokGiok. They do make some noise at times, but are mostly silenced by the siblings, since Miao's and Grraaahhhh's arses take up 95% of leg room in my stomach anyway.

On a sidenote,
Slishy doesn't like water. He complains when I drink and jump about, because it messes up his fur. (Yeah, he's the vain one. And probably gay too. Gurgle's always been known to 'back him up'. Get it? 'BACK him up'? *nudgenudgewinkwink*

So there you have it. My costly furry friends that reside within me, and that I have to carry around everywhere I go. Always crying out at the worst times, trying their best to stuff me full with edibles I don't need.

I hate them. >:(

P.S the cute emoticon above is an angry face. Can you see it? The cute > for a frown and the eyes, and the mouth. It's adorable right? haha.

I Wish

I wish that time,
Plods in my pace unison,
Instead of flying headlong.

I wish that Earth,
Stops spinning,
To contemplate life and its denizens.

I wish that night,
Would light up the sky,
For us to admire the midnight blue.

I wish that day,
Dims its glare,
To allow the stars to shine through.

I wish that life,
Would live itself,
And allow others to live through it.

I wish that death,
Wears a bell,
To hinder its silent creeping.

I wish that people,
Will stop being people,
And start being human.

I wish that the world,
Remains dormant for eternity,
In its quest for hatred and war.


I wish that love and peace,
Wasn't a slogan,
Instead a lifestyle.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ask Me. I May Just Destroy You. With My Answer, That Is.

It's ME Time!! (As usual.. again)

Okay okay, so what have I been up to... lets count thy ways...

Classes, classes, classes, followed by driving, driving and more driving, TV, toilet, back to TV, lunch, TV, computer, then more TV, dinner... and Voila! here I am now!

Surprise surprise!! Hopefully this turn of events did not drill it's way through the eternal regime of your junta-orientated life!! (I'm being sarcastic here. Please, tell me when it's hard to read, that I'm turning into a cantankerous old geezer)

Ok, so, seriously. Obviously this post shall not turn into another one of my E.M.O affairs or some weird poetry only Mayan sundials can decipher. Nope. No. This post shall be meaningful, insightful, entertaining and downright educational. (Maybe not educational... or entertaining, or any of the above for that matter. But hey, who's counting?)

So, lets play a game today. I'm gonna go on the Internet and find some frequently asked questions about LOVE. (That's right. Lets get into the nitty gritty of relationships and sex and all kinds of baggage crap that comes along with it.)

And lil ol' ME, is gonna answer them all. *Big fake creepy smile*

Let the questions.... BEGIN!!!

Question 1: I like my best friend a lot, but I don't wanna mess up our friendship. What should I do???

Answer: Hmm... good question. Maybe you could follow the examples of tons of people who are successfully shoving their heads right up their asses and pretending the world around them is just a pathetic illusion meant to confuse their lovestruck senses!

OR, you could take the easier route and justtell him/her/it how you feel. Obviously a good friend is a friend not smitten with you, nor trying to get into your pants.

Think of it. Being a friend is hard work. AND I DON'T mean the happy-happy-joy-joy kinda friend. I mean the real down and dirty, into the mud, kind of friend.

The kind that will be there when he needs you.

The kind that he'll share his innermost secrets and desires with.

The kind that'll call you up at 3 in the morning just to tell you somthing he's been mulling about.

The kind that'll keep telling you how wonderful his new girlfriend is.

The kind that'll tell you his latest crush, his latest date, his wedding day.

All this, while you sit hearbroken in the corner, listening to him talk about how silky smooth his new girlfriend's hair feels between his fingers.

What kind of friend are you?

What kind of LIFE is that?

Obviously the one that cannot be there 100 percent, for your mind is lingering and your heart is longing. The one that cannot fulfil dreams, be it his or yours, for your spirit is somewhere between the divider of the present and what-ifs.

So there. Friends should share everything. Even their feelings for each other. And if he/she/it is a true friend, he/she/it will produce the capacity to understand even if things do not work between you two.

So open up, and life may just throw some delightful surprises at you.


Next question in the next post. This post is freakin long! Sometimes I feel I talk too much...


Heehee =P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Not Searching, Just Looking.

Remember when you saw those cute pair of heels, that sparkly dress, and you HAD to so try it on? You walk into the store, and the stuck-up bitch behind the counter wouldn't give you time of day. *Besides, her hair sucks. AND her shirt is too TIGHT for her. Plus, her butt STICKS OUT. so there.*

So you give her a mental finger, walk over, grab your desired, head to the dressing room.

It doesn't disappoint.

If Glam could see you now, you'll be in her definition.

Your curves meld into the sequins like supple cream, assets without being trashy, accentutating those see-ables, ironing out the kinks, dispelling rolls.

Simply fabulous.

And then you walk out, and the dress goes back on the coat rack.

Why??? Why in the dumb fark world will you do that?? Did a pitbull manage to sneak into that big ass ear hole of yours and chase it's tail in the cavity supposed to hold your brain? OMG, did someone shove something thick and hard and bullet-ready up any crevice available in your fat dumbo doughnut tire appendage you call a body?

Are you sick?
Are you broke?
Here here, take my credit card!!
Oh shit... you're dying aren't you? What is it? Cancer? AIDS? Malaria?
why? Why? WHy? WHY????? WHY??????


Lemme think ......................................................................


I'm not searching. Just looking.

So there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Refusal: Morning Star.

For has the hands of Man,
Shaped you into what divine dictates,
For has the lies they weaved,
Turned you around on your pedestal,
Into a puppet cloaked with omnience, terrifying glory.

For you do not need worship,
For I refuse to bow.
For you do not need ceremony,
For I decline to attend.

For benevolence is bestowed,
As though mother to child,
For there is nothing required to earn,
That requires redemption, falling foul.

O! They taint you,
Reeking of deceit,
Playing off foreboding,
Guttering trust.

Indoctrination, inescapable,
Until reality reveals itself,
Into the truth it really is.

Henceforth, I refuse.

Alas, save me!

However, why would a transient omnient being exist with totalitarian rule inscribed onto scrolls followed as law?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Miss You

Advocates for our memories,
Fought for the demise of my ignorance.
Time has been cruel, to our past
We stumbled on the idiosyncrasies,
Whether it will last.

Caricatures of images,
Splash dank backdrops of silence,
Punctuated, perforatory,
Only by sudden screams of longing.

It's always harder the second time around,
Wasted by the bubbling brook,
We termed our playground.
Waves, blade sharp,
Carved their incessant swirl,
As blood pooled at our feet.

Friday, November 6, 2009


The world premiere of "Video Phone" extended mix from Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga has been pushed back to a date later in November.

Fans were treated to a no-show after counting down with countdown clocks featured on Lady Gaga's blog and MTV News, among others.

Fans were also given a limp wrist slap in the face when MTV Buzzworthy Twitters cited technical difficulties with the music video as a lame fake pacifier to those who stayed up or waited around for the video to go on.

Looks like loyal fans were treated with a few more days of time wasting. Way to go!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lady Gaga and Beyonce Collabo

"Video Phone", a track featured on Beyonce's I Am... Sasha Fierce album will be premiering its music video at 5.30 p.m. on the 5th of November on MTV.

Lady Gaga will be featured in the video, and may have a few lines of her own in the track! Yay!!

All in all, it will be a fantastic collaboration!

*Due to the difference in time zones, Malaysia will probably get its first dose of Gaga-Beyonce sometime later on the 6th of November, Friday.*

Ahhhhh, can't wait!!! *fanboyism* *faint*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Random Funny Stuff off the Net

Title says it all.

Enjoy =)

Wounded Heart

Does a wounded heart ever heal?
Or is it engulfed by layers of indifference, ignorance, perpetuality and grief.
Until a malice of proportionate strength, slices through, To reveal the gaping gash underneath.

And you realize,

It never once stopped bleeding...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Tired Rant...

I am a reasonable person.

I don't ask for whimsical impossible things at God-forsaken hours.
All I want are basic human requirements. Sustenance, peace, quiet, company.
That you can't even provide without turning my life into a living hell.

Why are you always so angry? Angry at life, angry at me?

Your fury hath unraveled what years of goodwill hath wrought.

I am not perfect, I know. But at least I apologize. At least I show it, to others, that of my guilt.

Not you. Never you.

It's always never your fault. Who therein lies, the burdened beast of your unrelentless blame? You have no idea how much i tried. WE have had to sidestep so much of our lives, just to keep YOU happy. Sometimes I wonder, have you ever stopped and reflect upon the selfish, vain, thunderous monster you have become?

Have you ever thought about how your actions, your words, are beginning to affect the people around you, the people who love you the most?

I am sick of it. As a human being, I am sick of being treated this way.

Sacrifice? I guess you've decided to collect payment due through our misery. MY misery. Although I know no matter how much I suffer, I will not be able to begin repaying you.

Cringeworthy, those bespoken from lips unfettered...

I'm sorry if I'm too much of a burden. I'll be gone soon.

I love you.

Bad Bad Romance

Work work fashion baby, work it I'm a free bitch babeh!!!

Can I adore this chick any greater?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Blerrhhh....

Rihanna is great.

She practically exploded onto the scene in 2007, revamped with a dominatrix-inspired makeover, taking over music charts worldwide with the phenomenal hit "Umbrella" from the album Good Girl Gone Bad.

Slew after slew of hits. "Shut Up and Drive", "Don't Stop the Music", "Take A Bow", "Disturbia" and a variety of big name collaborations, including T.I. and Jay Z.

I must admit, I was a huge fan.

With that bad ass hairstyle and biker-chic-haute-couture attitude, Rihanna was definitely one artiste I greatly admired.

Until now.

In her defense, her new album "Rated R" is yet to be released, however the first single off that album, "Russian Roulette" was a lackluster affair for me.

Where's the spunk, the anger, or as Beyonce will put it, the Sasha Fierce?

Currently, her second single "Wait Your Turn" can be found on the Internet, and it sounds waaaaay worse. In fact, it sounds like second grade pop, songs that are randomly played in malls by whats-her-name.

Sigh... hopefully this is a marketing gimmick of a mellow start to up the ante of the album with the future release of a third monster-potential single from Rated R.

All I can do is wish.

Take a listen and decide for yourself:

Russian Roulette:

Wait Your Turn:

His Fetid Breath

What would you do, if you met him?

As his steps draw closer,
As he gazes into your eyes,
As his lips brushes yours,
As the mere sensation of his fingers
Sends tingles into your innermost soul.

What would you do,

If you met with Death?

What would you wish for?

Money, fast cars, women, alcohol, sex.

Would all those matter?

They mattered during the journey, yet laid down their worthlessness at the end.

Things. Material things.

Have robbed us devoid of any life.

Death is within the physical we spend our life to achieve and obtain.

Think about it.

New Layout, New Crap


It's done.

Took me a few hours of alternating Facebook, Youtube and Blogger customizing screens, but I finished it.


*Okay, okay, for you pros out there, I know this is probably kid stuff to you. For an Internet inept like me, I practically discovered gravity all over again.*

So there.

New layout, new posts.

More crap.

Take it like a man, dude.