Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Refusal: Morning Star.

For has the hands of Man,
Shaped you into what divine dictates,
For has the lies they weaved,
Turned you around on your pedestal,
Into a puppet cloaked with omnience, terrifying glory.

For you do not need worship,
For I refuse to bow.
For you do not need ceremony,
For I decline to attend.

For benevolence is bestowed,
As though mother to child,
For there is nothing required to earn,
That requires redemption, falling foul.

O! They taint you,
Reeking of deceit,
Playing off foreboding,
Guttering trust.

Indoctrination, inescapable,
Until reality reveals itself,
Into the truth it really is.

Henceforth, I refuse.

Alas, save me!

However, why would a transient omnient being exist with totalitarian rule inscribed onto scrolls followed as law?

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