Monday, October 12, 2009

All Around Me

Wake me up when September ends... I still remember the time when that song came out. Tough times. PMR. Addiction. Running through the rain. Beatings. Scolding. Lying.

I just wanted to go to sleep. To wake up only when everything is over.

When September ends.

Now the song blares from my TV, a full cycle of my past. A different time, a different place, a different mindset.

The same me.

All around me, things are not going so well. There are breakdowns and broken hearts, scarred egos and animosity....

Sometimes I wish, everything will go on as smoothly as they did. I wish change did not occur in a way that would disrupt the moderate pace of life.

But it does.

I cannot give you the strength to move on. I cannot lift you up as high as you once did for me.

Forgive my weaknesses.

All I can do is wish, that better days come for you and that you reach out to receive it.

All around me.

All I can do.

Is wish.

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